Jan 30, 2012


So ladies, if you somehow forgot what happened this weekend, WE WON INVITE!..... AGAIN!!!
I, personally, could not be prouder. We've been through a lot with Invite preps this year, and I'm so glad that it all paid off.  Not only did we WIN (yeah, that happened), but I had an incredible weekend. To bring back some memories, I'm going to write a quick pro/con/pro/pro/pro. 

PRO: ElijahAaronElijahAaronElijahAaron P-flippa-Q-jigidygigglezandgrinz
CON: Veggie lasagna/elevator breaking while I was in it
PRO: We all looked seriously cute 
PRO: Improv games
PRO: Invite brought the chapter back together as sisters
and idk, maybe the fact that we won is a pro too. (;


Jan 2, 2012

Congrats to our new board!

We survived another Ahavah election!!! I'd like to thank everyone for coming, your vote always matters! 
I am so excited about our spring term board- everyone has worked so hard, and deserves their position 100%! Speeches were great and platforms were absolutely beautiful. So here's who will be making your bbyo dreams come true this term:

Beth Brownfield
Beth is definitely someone that you should get to know.
She is currently a junior at SHS, and is rockin that GPA! 
Beth loves being a member of Ahavah, and she is flippin' hilarious
Beth currently can't come up with any fun facts. But we love her anyway!

Leah Davis
Leah is a super fun member of Ahavah!
She is one of the oldest members, a senior at SHS
In her spare time, she loves singing, acting, and dancing!
woah woah! triple threat!

Mit Mom- 
Sydney Rabinowitz
Sydney, a junior at SHS, has been the chapter MIT Mom 
for 2 whole terms! What a pro! She's super sweet, and in 
her spare time, she loves spending the day with her boyfriend, Sam! 
How sweet (: Sydney also loves Maroon 5, and anything having to do with

Sammi Roth
Sammi is not only adorable, she has been shlicha for 2 terms!
She is a junior at SHS, and is very involved with her dance team.
And Sammi will always make you laugh :)
In her spare time, she loves listening to Justin Timberlake, and doing 
her famous Kristen Wiig SNL impressions!

Emma Schneider
Emma is a junior at SHS who, as you know, has 5 things she loves more
than anything. Ahavah BBG, her family, Tyler, Owls, and David Bowie. 
When she's not looking for owls or watching Project Runway or other gay shows, 
i.e. RuPaul's Drag Race, she's updating the chapter website! Or enjoying a nice bagel or something :)

Abbie Brenner
Abbie is the youngest member of our board, and she was just recently 
inducted into Ahavah! She should feel very proud of herself. And her hair is super fun to bounce. 
You should try it! Abbie likes to watch Glee, and is a true fan of the Chicago Blackhawks! GO HAWKS! and GO ABBIE BRENNER! 

Jennifer Pollack
Jennifer is one of the most dedicated members I know! 
She is truly passionate about BBYO and wants to give the members a great experience. If there's one thing you need to know about Jennifer, is that she is all about interior design! One day, she wants her own show on HGTV! Maybe with the help of her friends and her awesome AZA BF, Joseph, we can make her dreams come true :) 

Congrats to our new board!!!!!! This is going to be a great term :)