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Meet your Fall Term Board! (from left)
Sydney Rabinowitz, Jayne Chorpash, Abbie Brenner, Abby Finkle, Emma Schneider, Pamela Keskt, Bri Cole and Beth Brownfield

Happy Passover Girls!

How fun was that seder!? Thanks to Sammi and everyone who helped put it together :) My family was very excited to have our first seder with an orange on the plate!

There was a great turnout today at the Taste of BBYO! Ahavah represented Ireland with soda bread and potato casserole. GMR raised over $1400 today. Great work girls!

Happy Purim Ahavah!! We had such a fun night at Sammi and Sydney's house eating hamentashens, making gregors, and reading the Megillah 

I hope you all had fun tonight! Keep those bracelets in a safe place :) 

We Ahavah IC <3

My absolute FAVORITE part of IC is meeting new people 

(and reuniting with friends from Panim & Summer programs). 
It's so cool to think that you have made friendships that will last a lifetime in just 5 days. With getting to know the BBGs and AZAs 
from all around the world, I'm really look forward to summer programs, panim, and IC next year!! (Washington D.C.)

So at IC, you are sent to do a day of service. JJ, Jessie, and I totally scored when we got to hike along the Atlanta Beltline. Not sure how that's service, but we enjoyed the weather! Such nice GMR bonding time.

Shaaaloommm Spring Term!!
Today, I was installed for my
 first board position, which I
 am ecstatic about. We have
 a lot of fun things planned, 
so get excited, Ahavah!! 

8 . We treated each other like sisters, how we should treat our BBG sisters.
9. We're very talented. We have many artists, singers, dancers, actors, speakers, and comedians!
10. we won.  
We got to go swimming, eat Portillo's, have a successful 

I am so excited to welcome our MIT class to the chapter!
I hope your inductions were as meaningful as mine were.
Keep those pins in a safe place!

Welcome to the chapter!
 XOXO, Emma