Girls of the Week

My full name is Samantha Haley Roth 
My birthday is 12/20/94. 
That means I'm turning 18 tomorrow  
In Chinese it looks like this:
 我叫 罗删枚 。 我的生日是一九九四年十二月二十号。 我是十八明天  
I love languages, especially Spanish and Mandarin (and English of course). 
I'm a Senior at Stevenson High School, and next year I'll be a Wildcat at Northwestern University! 
I'm so excited! Some fun facts about me are that I've been a member of Ahavah for 3 and a half years, my celebrity crush is Justin Timberlake, my favorite vegetable is skinny carrots,
 I love to dance --tap is my favorite!
and this past summer I worked as a counselor at Camp Marimeta.
Get to know me!