May 28, 2012

Weekly Announcements

We've had a very eventful week, and first of all I'd like to congratulate our fall term board, and everyone who was brave enough to declare as a candidate. 

Nsiah- Sydney Rabinowitz
Sganit- Jayne Chorpash
Mit Mom- Abbie Brenner
Sh'licha- Abby Finkle
Mazkirah- Emma Schneider
Katvanit- Pamela Keskt 

That being said, we are still without a Gizborit!
-Wednesday, 7:00 at the JCC we will be finishing up our elections.
- After we elect our fall term Gizborit, we will continue with a good & welfare. 
If you have any questions about running, contact Stacie Dunn

Senior Life was a huge success!
Thank you Rabinowitz family for hosting :)
There is a ton of stuff that was left there so contact Sydney 
and she'll bring it to the meeting Wednesday
Sydney Rabinowitz- 847.924.6666

There are 2 birthdays this week!!!
Sydney Roth- May 28th
Emma Schneider- May 31st

though no one will win him this week, he has been missing for too long!
thank you :)

There are still spots available for some summer programs!
I would reccommend CLTC because it's only 2 weeks, the time slots are extremely flexible, and summer programs are one of my favorite parts of BBYO :)
please contact Ben or Stacy, or talk to them Wednesday.

Since I was lucky enough to get the BBG Members Manual passed down to me at Life, I wanted to incorporate a Blue Book fun fact to help us stay a traditional chapter :)
From page 39, I learned that the last international Nsiah from Chicago was named Vivian Brown, and served from 1948-1949. 

If you are interested in becoming a convention coordinator for GMR next year, and you were inspired by YLTC, Kallah, Invite, or Spring, applying to be coordinator is a great decision :) 

Chair positions are important as well! They are great ways to get involved with BBYO Connect, Advisor Appreciation, all that. 
PLEASE take a look at this application, due Wednesday May 30th.
Click here for great opportunities, yo.

If you were a candidate for Mazkirah, and you believe that you had a great idea that I didn't, let me know! And you can be that chair position. 
That being said, Gabrielle Marzouk will be our new Parent Communication Chair starting next term!
Contact me at 847.363.6081 if you have an idea for a chair position :)

HEY AHAVAH PROSPECTS! are you ready to become an official member of ahavah bbg??? then go to and click BECOME A MEMBER. we cant wait to have you become a part of our family! any questions, please let Sydney Rabinowitz know!

Sydney Rabinwitz-847.924.6666

With undying love for fly yoga, my new candles, briana katz's pin, ali's up you men shirt, mindys shirts, eves tie dye shirt, brianas woodstock shirt, baker's guarder, amandas boxes, mango chairman, wiener circle, molly's cupcakes, grandma carol's cupcakes, owl calling with abby and briana last night (i heard one), more henna, my puppy, tyler, family, my new fancy facial brush, my birthday on thursday, and every one of you, i remain
emma jane schneider

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