Aug 17, 2012

Impact DC

Hey there Ahavah!
this summer I went on an outstanding program with bbyo called Impact DC. I got to reunite with some of my best international friends, as well as meet a ton of new people! Including the Grand Aleph Godol, Logan Miller, who will be coming to visit our chapter in the near future! We spent a lot of time at the Smithsonians (there were owls), and we toured around a ton. And we got time to go shopping in Georgetown!! 
Other than bumming around with my new best friends, we had a lot of community service to do. My site was called Martha's Table, where we hung out with kids at the day care and also packaged lunches for the homeless. It was a great opportunity to get some hours, help the less fortunate, and do so with all your new friends. 

Another amazing oportunity we had was to lobby on Capitol Hill. Royal Tenennbaum and I lobbied on the issue of easy drug access in high schools. We took it very seriously, because we know so many people who are affected by drugs. If you have any more questions about our presentation, feel free to ask either me or Rachel Tenennbaum (Korczak)(sp?)

These are our "we just lobbied!" faces. We were very proud of ourselves for putting on such a mature presentation for the benefit of our community :) WOOHOO! 

Impact DC definitely isn't all politics. There's a lot of (bbyo safe) partying, ordering pizza, staying up late with your roommate, walking to Chipotle, and being super flirty with cute Alephs (not me) ;) 

If you are possibly considering Impact DC next summer, and you have any questions, shoot me an email!!

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