Dec 9, 2012


Hey Ladies!
how were your weekends? 

There is going to be a really fun inter-chapter program this wednesday at 7:00 at the JCC
It costs $5, and we will be learning about hunger. 

Dec packets are also due THIS WEDNESDAY! If you have any questions, ask Stacie or Gberg
There is also a MIT class before the meeting at 6:30

Lox Box is This Weekend
meet at abby finkle's house at 6:00! (on Sat.)
The night will be packed with programs, and preparing lox boxes! 

contact pamela if you'd like to be on yearbook committee!

Check out our stand up cause, Misericordia!!

and, i think thats it :)

OH! if you want to be girl of the week, text me :)

with undying love for University of Colorado, anthropologie, hanukkah, my new robe, my family, tyler, owls, hemp lotion, my dog, fancy lattes, sweaters, and every one of you, i remain

emma jane schneider 

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