Dec 16, 2012


Hey Ahavah!
thank you so much to everyone who participated in Lox Box! 
I had such a fun time at my last one :)

There is a meeting this Wednesday at 7 at the JCC
**platforms are due! ask stacie or gberg if you have any Q's

Our next invite prep is sunday the 23rd from 1-5
If you would like to host, contact jayne!

CLICK HERE if you want to be in the Invite Dance Competition!!!
(you must fill this out by wednesday)

with undying love for my new robe, my family, tyler, owls, gwen stefani and david bowie, my work friends, olivia richardson (shes fun to deliver lox boxes with), the new caribou, paint, my electric blanket, the lox box sleepover, and all of ahavah bbg, i remain

emma jane schneider

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