Apr 29, 2012

Weekly Announcements!

Hello, lovely chapter!!
there are lots of fun things going on this week,
so listen up!

This week's meeting will be at 7:00 at the JCC
the theme is Israel, the land of our people! 
and also, don't forget pen pal letters*****

click here for the dec packet!

Congratulations to Jayne Chorpash, our new twitter chair! Jayne will be constantly updating the chapter twitter in fun ways! check it out! tweet it up

***get your act together***
the talent show is coming up on may 12th! 
Ahavah, it is YOUR job to advertise to friends in GMR :)
Acts are due to Jennifer BY WEDNESDAY
Remember to respond to the event!
Any questions? Please contact me, Leah, Jen, or any advisor!

Elections are coming up!
-Dec packets due THIS WEDNESDAY
-Platforms due for approval NEXT WEDNESDAY
-Elections May 23rd at Sammi Roth's house! (5:30 SHARP!)
all information is in the dec packet.

whoever has elmo, please bring him back  8D


If someone would like to take pictures on the walk (may 6th) please send them to me or Abbie :)

Do you love BBYO? BBG? GMR? Ahavah?
Become a paid member!
visit blinked.org to get signed up :)

"The Ahavah Phone Tree" is something I'd like to bring to the chapter. Check out the diagram! It will be explained in detail at the meeting wednesday, but for now, please try to get the numbers of the girls who you are supposed to call, or  if they are supposed to call you (by looking at the arrows).

and as always, keep checking the website for updates. This week we will be learning a little bit about our sisters Eve & Bri!!

With undying love for owls, tyler, tyler visiting me at work for the first time, mom, dad, brother, benefit cosmetics, gracie schneider the schnauzer, herpy furth of juler, Cher, David Bowie, fudge, bonfires, and Ahavah BBG 2414
i remain emma jane schneider :)

Love These Kids.


watch this lovely promo for May 6th by Jenna & Bathtaub :)

Fall Term Elections

If you think you have what it takes to be on the honorable executive board of Ahavah BBG #2414, you should really consider filling out this dec packet! 


Here are some important dates to remember: 
-Dec Packets are DUE- Wednesday, May 2nd
-Platforms due for approval- Wednesday May 9th
-Elections- May 29th at 5:30! 

**Complete details in the dec packet

Congratulations Jen & Beth!

If you weren't at Spring Convention, you missed 2 of our lovely sisters of Ahavah winning the regional elections for N'siah and Ozeret! We are all so proud of you girls!

Jennifer and Beth, your two of the most important people in my life. im so glad to be your brother and now its an honor to work alongside you on board. Without friends like you i doubt i'd survive. with much love,david samuel dworkin 11th regional aleph shliach

jen and beth: girls, i'm so incredibly proud of both of you. although i'm so sad to be graduating, i know you guys will set a new bar for gmr nextg year and leaving you in charge will bring all new great things. i love you both very much and i'm so proud!! congratulations! -julia masters

Dear Jennifer and Beth, I remember you both as 8th graders just walking into the chapter, just looking for opportunities to explore. You both have such ambition and are such an inspiration to other BBGs in the chapter and the region. You are both sweethearts and I’m glad to see your dreams come true; you both truly have earned it. I love you both so much and it makes it a litter easier to leave BBYO knowing that you will be great leaders of the region and have inspired so many future leaders for the chapter. -Jordan Silverman

i would like to congratulate Jennifer and Beth on their regional board accomplishments. I have complete certainty in the successes they will bring GMR. -Joseph Sitzman

So proud of Jen and beth on regional board and super excited for the upcoming chapter elections! -Gberg

Mazel tov to Jennifer of becoming Regional N’siah, and Beth of becoming Regional Ozeret!!! I know that both of you have worked very hard to get elected and I know that you both will do an amazing job this upcoming year!! -Hayley Alperstein

**if anyone would like to send in a shout out to Jen or Beth please send it in!

Apr 22, 2012

Weekly Announcements, by Becky

Hey Ahavah!!!
it's Becky writing your weekly email!!!
I'm so excited to be the mock mazkirah this week!

This week the meeting is at the JCC at 7:00
We will not be opening for business, however, we have a very fun program planned.
Show your Ahavah spirit by dressing in your chapter spirit wear!
**The Buffalo Grove BBYO phone-a-thon is at 6 this week before the meeting.
Here you will be calling an array of possible donors, explaining your passion for BBYO and asking for donations for scholarships and regional funds. Contact Beth if you are interested.
**You will receive 1 community service hour

Twitter applications are due ASAP!!! If you need a new one, contact Emma.
This is a GREAT way to get involved!!!

Now is the time to get in your yearbook committee forms to Abbie Brenner.
This is also a great way to get involved and it will be a lot of fun!

Ahavah is throwing it's first Talent show/end of the year BBQ!
Mark your calendars for may 12th
It will be at my house (4819 kathleen ct, long grove, 60047)
contact Leah or Jen if you would like to get involved and help out :)

May 6th is "Look Back, Walk Forward," the official teen walk for Israel. Bbyo is leading the program this year as a part of our J-Serve 2012 project. Register here: http://www.juf.org/idays.
The day begins at the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, with a program with Holocaust survivors, followed by a Walk with Israel from the museum to the Mayer Kaplan JCC. The walk starts at 11:15, but I HIGHLY recommend getting there at 9 for museum access or 10 for the Holocaust program. The day also includes advocacy programming, hands-on service projects, sports, food, and more!! (sorry the letters are all smushed together on the top)

Congrats to Jennifer on becoming Regional N'siah!!!
Congrats to Beth on becoming Regional Ozeret!!!
I'm sure your speeches were great!!! You both worked really hard!!!

With undying love for,
beth and jennifer on regional board, my sisters in Ahavah, being mock mazkirah
I remain, Becky Goldberg

p.s. start thinking about running for board :)

Apr 15, 2012

Weekly announcements!

Hey Beautifuls <3
Hope you all had fantastic weekends!!!

This week there is a meeting at the JCC at 7:00.
The theme this week is our beautiful hometown Chicago.
Dress in Chicago sports spirit wear, or something you bought in Bucktown, I don't know whatever reminds you of this wonderful city :)

if you lost your application, contact me as soon as you can please!
Also, Abbie would like her yearbook application in ASAP

Ahavah is throwing it's first Talent show/end of the year BBQ!
Mark your calendars for may 12th
It will be at my house (4819 kathleen ct, long grove, 60047)
contact Leah or Jen if you would like to get involved and help out :)

The scholarship form for Spring Convention is due WEDNESDAY!!!!
got that? Any questions? Ask Jennifer or any Ahavah Advisor :)

11th Regional Board elections will take place at Spring on Sunday, April 22nd. Want to hear candidates answer questions that matter to you? Make your voice heard and suggest candidate questions by Wednesday April 18th at www.tinyurl.com/candidateQs! You may ask questions for every position, one you feel most passionate about, or somewhere number in between. If you have any questions please contact Sami Kopinsky

With undying love for Lincoln Park, Top Shop, getting the new Juicy leather bag $100 off, Tyler and his adorable new band, the new mock board, my puppy, my dreadlocks that I'm getting sometime this week, reuniting with my lovely IC roommate, Muriel's Wedding, I remain EmmaJaneSchneider

Congrats to our mock board!

Nsiah-Emily Kopka will help Beth run a meeting and sing the Nsiah part of the BBG song!
Sganit-Samantha Horwitz will help with the Wednesday night programming-tentative.
MIT Mom-Bri Cole will help plan a sisterhood program at the sleepover.
Shlicha- Annee Welbel will tentatively plan a Jewish program.
Mazkirah- Becky Goldberg will help me post on the website and write an email.
Katvanit-Lindsey Rabinowitz will help with the yearbook.
Gizborit- Olivia Richardson will help with the talent show and sell stuff at shuk.

Congrats girls :)

Apr 11, 2012

The Bully Project

We have all witnessed bullying, and we have all experienced bullying. As BBGs we can help end bullying. 

"Bullying breaks my heart. To see the hopeless look on that innocent kid's face always hurts. I learned from my mom that you really never know what's going on in someone's life, and though this isn't related to the physical bullying you see in The Bully Project, this something far more common at Stevenson, or especially at the middle schools. What I'm referring to includes making judgements, or talking behind people's backs. The girl who dresses differently at school might not have the money to buy her nice clothes from Lucky Brand, or Urban or whatever. Or maybe she doesn't have a mom to help her out with that kind of stuff. And maybe that girl who is "such a slut" or "such a bitch" is going through a really tough time at home. We never know, so think about that the next time you talk some harmless gossip with your girlfriends. We are all people trying to survive the same craziness we go through every day, as humans, and as BBG, we should be the bigger person, say no to bullying, and sign the petition to end it. "
~Emma Schneider, Mazkirah

I notice bullying a lot going to stevenson. I was lucky enough to get to see this movie at International Convention and talk to the parents of a boy in the movie who took his own life. It was overwhelming what I learned from this movie and I think it's something everyone needs to see. It all starts with just one person, bevause that can make all the difference. 
~Sydney Rabinowitz, MIT mom

Truthfully, I've never been full out bullied, and I'm lucky. Not because I'm so tough, and not because there's nothing wrong with me because that is not the case. But I guess people just never got around to making my life miserable daily. However, small instances here and there about my appearance and etc. can occur and obviously, they make me really upset, make me feel subhuman, and like I'm not good enough for someone. But some people aren't so lucky, if you can even call that luck. Bullies need to be reminded that there's one of them and many of us, they need to be stood up to and told, "it's not funny, stop it." Because one day, it's going to be too much, and that day should never have the opportunity to come. 
~Leah Davis, S'ganit 

Bullying is simply not okay. It's demoralizing, degrading, and just makes people feel terrible about themselves. It's important to keep in mind that bullying comes in so many different forms. Even just one seemingly harmless statement can stick with a person all day long or even ruin their week. When this or any other form of bullying occurs, one cannot let the bully win. They do not know best. They are not the better person. In order to stop bullying, we need to stand up for ourselves and for those around us because each and every person is valuable and no one deserves to be bullied.
~Jennifer Pollack, Gizborit

In middle school I had a very small group of very close friends. We all got along fine until one of the girls told a lie about me. It was so extreme that now, I feel so uncomfortable around the people that used to be my best friends. The girl that told the lies was a bully. I know it's stupid of me to think, oh well why can't we all just be friends, but bullying is such a difficult thing to go to. Whenever I am around people I always think about what I'm going to say. I don't know how someone will react to my words, and I don't want anyone to have to go through the same loneliness I went through when I experience bullying first hand
-Abbie Brenner, Katvanit 

Apr 2, 2012

weekly announcements!

HEY AHAVAH! I'm so glad to be back :)

There is an exciting seder planned Wednesday night, at 7:00, at the JCC.
And this isn't just any seder, its a CHOCOLATE seder :)
And this isn't just any, chocolate seder, its a mother/daughter Chocolate Seder!!!
*bring your mommas and a 6-8 grader! 
*also, don't forget to fill out the attendance form on the facebook page

This Wednesday, Abbie will be passing out her year book committee forms!! This is a great way to get involved, and display your creative skills :)

This is your opportunity to gain leadership roles and experience with members of chapter board! We will 
be having a mock board election in April. Attached is a dec packet that includes all of the information so please check it out!! They are due by APRIL 4TH! please take a look :)
click here for the dec packet 

with undying love for Costa Rica, my loving friends from IC, my sisters from Ahavah BBG, my fake eyelashes, owls, and my family, I remain
Emma Jane Schneider

Apr 1, 2012

Mother/Daughter Chocolate Seder

This Wednesday at the JCC, is the Ahavah Chocolate Seder!
Arrive at 7:00 with your mommas, and potential future members in 6-8th grade. 
**meaning sisters, cousins, neighbors, whatever.
Get excited for this great Passover experience!
**also, please remember to fill out the attendance thing on the facebook page.
Any questions? Contact any advisor or board member!