Jan 8, 2013


Hey sissys :)
so schools been a little crazy lately, and i apologize for the delay.
But here's your announcements!!

This week there is a meeting at the JCC at 7, the theme is FIESTA!!!
There is a song meeting at 6:30 at starbucks
and a newspaper committee meeting at the jcc at 6:30

hosts needed for the following invite preps. please contact jayne through facebook or text her at 847-571-0382 if you can host.
jan 16th - prep instead of a meeting. will run from 7-10ish
jan 19-20 - final prep. mark your calendars because we will be learning song, cheer, dance, etc!
jan 23 is an interchapter bbg yoga night
also, keep an eye out for various preps specific to one category over the long weekend after finals!

thats about all for now :)
see you all soon!!!

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