Jan 21, 2013


Hey Ahavah!
here are the very important announcements
for this CRAZY week!!

This Wednesday at 5, there is a dance prep at Sammi/Sydney Roth's house,
Followed by a meeting at the JCC at 7, but feel free to come at 6!

Invite attire will be $28 per person. On Wednesday, please bring cash or a check made payable to Ahavah BBG. 

remember to practice our cheer/song/dance/talent!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

great job at sports day today, i think we played very well. i was impressed!!! i hope you all had fun :)

with undying love for family, tyler, owls, friends, my job, colorado, my roommate, gwen stefani, david bowie, amy winehouse, caribou oatmeal, popcorn, anthropologie, VW busses, my schnauzer, and all of ahavah bbg 2414, i remain

emma jane schneider (0v0)

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