Mar 18, 2012

The Minutes of March 14th

March 14th 2012
Buffalo Grove JCC
29 Present
Officer in Charge of Meeting: Beth Brownfield
Minutes taken by: Abbie Brenner

I. Opening Rituals
   a. Shomerit Ha'brit: 
      Eve's words of wisdom- We are the stuff that dreams are made of
      -The Tempest 
   b. The Menorah Pledge
      citizenship: Mallory
      Jewish Heritage: Emily
      Community Service: Sasha
      Philanthropy: Sydney
      Inter-Faith Relations: Bri
      Tradition: Eve
      Good Sisterhood: Jennifer

II. Roll Call- what is your favorite Summery drink?
Total Present- 29
Total Voting-29
Total Possible Votes: 29

III. Old Business
A. Read the minutes
B. Auto Pro Con
C. Purim party in hoflo

Motion to move into new business
Siganit- top 3 programs
mini invite, bonfire, city(?)
Nsiah: Spring Convention, Beth is coordinating

IV. Closing Ceremonies 

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