Mar 4, 2012

Some Info on Summer Programs

So you want to go on a summer program? Awesome! You've already taken the first step to getting there by reading this.
Honestly, you can't go wrong when choosing a summer program to attend. They are all awesome and will provide memorable experiences for decades to come. That being said, there is that special program for you, and hopefully this guide will help you find it. 

CLTC: Chapter Leadership Training Conference 
This is the summer program aimed towards that growing leader in you. It is a 12 day experience where you will be put into mock chapters with around 12-15 other BBGs (similar to YLTC). You will work together to build leadership skills, plan events for all of the chapters, and learn the ABC's of BBYO. Most importantly you will learn to be a leader in your chapter back home. There are 7 sessions spanning all throughout the summer in either Beber Camp in Mikwonago, WI, or Bethany College in Bethany, WV. When you are not working with your chapter, you will be participating in a number of other activities. This program is geared towards all. Whether you want to be the best leader you can be in your chapter, or just want a good time with a BBYO setting, CLTC will appeal to you. 

ILTC: International Leadership Training Conference 
In Starlight, PA, you will get together with 200 of the top leaders in the order for 2 weeks, and learn how to bring real change to your region and the order itself. This is where the men and women are separated from the boys and the girls. That being said, don't worry if you have never held a leadership position, as ILTC is not only for those who are leaders, but for those who want to be leaders. If you are an incoming senior who wants a taste of the action or a junior with regional or international aspirations, you should really consider ILTC. You will learn how to develop BBYO to stronger levels back in your community, along with building a huge network of international friends (one of emma's favorite parts about bbyo). This is more than just leadership training, it is the BBYO experience. Each day you will meet up with with different groups to focus on different aspects of becoming a leader!

Kallah: What is interesting about international Kallah is that while ILTC and CLTC focus on what you can do for BBYO, Kallah is all about what BBYO can do for you. Kallah is a 3 week long experience where 200 teens come together to learn about what being Jewish means to them. The best part of Kallah is that it is still a pluralistic experience. No one is left out from any of the interesting discussions that are held by the diverse staff experts that each specialize on a different subject of Judaism. Kallah is so incredible because it truly is what the participant makes of it. They plan the programs, they chose what they learn about, and they are Kallah. It really is the most unique experience that BBYO has to offer. Kallah, being about the participant, gives you the time you need to think, relax, and enjoy your experience. Each day there is something different to learn and discuss, whether it be from a teen, coordinator, or specialist. To attend, you must be an incoming sophomore, junior or senior. This program has my highest recommendations, and I truly think it is for everybody. 

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Thank you, Max Goldstein from East Side AZA, Evergreen Region, Seattle, for these wonderful summaries!

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