Mar 18, 2012

Whudup Ahavah
a couple things to look forward to this week :)

The meeting this week is at the JCC at 7:00
hope to see you all there :)
the theme for this meeting is SPRING BREAK!
**no bikinis please! :)

There is a meeting APRIL 4th at the JCC at 7:00
We will be enjoying an awesome chocolate seder
You don't wanna miss it!! 

so as a region, we raised over $1400!
The Taste committee cooked up some great soda bread,
and potato casserole. It was also great to see everyone from the region! 
check out the adorable picture in the photo gallery :)

Though it may seem like we have a large chapter, and you may be thinking,
"we don't need any new members!," 
the truth is- we are trying to recruit 10 new girls into Ahavah. 
These 10 girls could lead our chapter to great places in the region and in the international order! Please inbox Sydney Rabinowitz as soon as possible with any new names (and emails).
 Thanks so much!! 

Abbie Brenner will be handing out forms for her yearbook committee on Wednesday. If you're interested, be sure you grab one! 

May 6th is "Look Back, Walk Forward," the official teen walk for Israel. Bbyo is leading the program this year as a part of our J-Serve 2012 project. Register here:
The day begins at the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, with a program with Holocaust survivors, followed by a Walk with Israel from the museum to the Mayer Kaplan JCC. The walk starts at 11:15, but I HIGHLY recommend getting there at 9 for museum access or 10 for the Holocaust program. The day also includes advocacy programming, hands-on service projects, sports, food, and more!! (sorry the letters are all smushed together on the top)

Senior superlatives!!!
Vote now!!!
it's super fun and only takes a minute.
click here, yo!

Ahavah is excited to announce our T-shirt design contest!
if your interested, make up a cool design for an Ahavah T-shirt (front & back) and send it in to Jennifer.
We're looking forward to seeing them!

eve. elmo. this week. 

Ahavah is beginning to plan a regional talent show!
If you're interested in preforming, feel free to start working on your act! 
you can do things in a group, or on your own!
contact Jennifer if you are planning to preform. 

This month is ADVISOR APPRECIATION MONTH! Check out the posts about things we can do for Stacie, Hayley, & G-berg! <3

Due to the amount of paper a senior will takes, you can only get one if you order it! Otherwise it will be posted online. To order a tangable copy of the Senior Will, go HERE!
(if you don't know what that is, just order one :) )

with undying love for this beautiful weather, my schnauzer gracie, cute stuff, pinterest, tyler, my family, buying my first place in the city, Jeff Who Lives at Home (great movie, go see it), my IC friends, Costa Rica next week, and Ahavah BBG #2414, I remain Emma Jane Schneider

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