Oct 8, 2012

weekly announcements!

Hi Girls! 
Hope you all enjoyed your 4 day weekends!

This week there is a meeting at 7 at the JCC. 
Bring your parents, because its PARENTS NIGHT!
This will be an opportunity to see old faces, and welcome the new. We'll show our parents what makes our wednesday nights so special and see what BBG is all about! There will be chances to meet the chapter board, members, advisors, and regional staff as well as other parents with teens in BBYO. We'll answer any questions about the chapter, region, or BBYO in general.
hope you all can make it!
Any questions? contact the chapter N'siah, Sydney,
or one of our advisors.

Sydney: 847.924.6666
Stacie: 317.418.5058
Erin: 847.404.9366

Our chapter website needs improvement! 
I love posting the announcements every week, along with other fun things, but i need you guys to send me more fun things to post! For example- fun jewish facts, cute pictures, notes on your favorite summer programs, kugel recipes, and anything you think our chapter would enjoy! Send me an email!emma.schneider@me.com

Stand Up is a great way to get our chapter involved. Keep brainstorming different causes to help! Last year our stand up cause was Lauri S. Bauer, because it was so personal to a lot of us. If anyone has a personal cause, text it to Abby Finkle!847.767.0882

Hey younger members!
here are some opportunities for you to get involved! 
-sign up to help plan the interchapter event on October 24! contact Jayne at 847.571.0382
-help plan the sisterhood sleepover with Abbie! 847.736.3774

IC is now listing names on a wait list. 
it is a huge bummer, but there is another chance in less than a month for another fabulous international event. Voice Your Vote, Nov. 5-7

with undying love for owls, pretty trees, apple cider, voice your vote, carving pumpkins, spanx, my dog, my family, tyler, instagram, snl, lazy days, gwen stefani, david bowie, not being wait listed, my friends from work, our new members, and all of ahavah, 
i remain emma jane schneider 

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