Oct 28, 2012

weekly announcements

Hey Ahavah
Happy Halloween!

This week we are all meeting at Old Farm Park
Join all of the BG chapters as we trick or treat for donations for Stand up! 
Trick or Treating will start at 6:00!!!
And don't forget your costumes!
directions are on the facebook event.

If you want your voice heard in the chapter, and you're not on board, check this out!
today I made 2 new email addresses for your use! 
if you have a suggestion for the board or one specific position, log into 
PW: blackandteal
type out your suggestion, and send to 
you don't have to sign your name- it's COMPLETELY anonymous. 
**** if someone decides to not use this with its original intent, to make helpful suggestions for the chapter, it will be deleted. By "not used for original intent" I mean bullying, insulting, or harassing any board members. I highly doubt this will become an issue, but thats what we said about formspring! please use this thoughtfully. 

If you have something on your mind that you feel uncomfortable discussing with a board member, you can useAhavahanonymous@gmail.com to send a suggestion or concern to 

body image and awareness night-
Nov. 17 at Rudi Baruch's house, more info to come!

For those interested in helping out with the sisterhood sleepover, please let Abbie know by this Wednesday! 847.736.3774or abala314@aol.com
Helping with the committee will include ice breakers, food, drinks, Havdallah program planning, etc. 

lox box is december 15-16!
start selling! order forms are duedecember 5th

Remember to keep voting for stand-up causes!

Cell phones and side conversations have become a huge issue during business meetings.
Apparently, whatever we say hasn't been registering in to your heads. So maybe this will- 
to raise $ for our stand up cause, we will have a "swear jar" styled tzedaka (sp?) box. If we catch you with your phones or having side conversations that aren't just a quick comment, you will have to donate money into the jar. Our business meetings are supposed to be taken seriously in a positive environment where we actually listen to what everyone has to say. I know some of you like to put events into calendars, but all the events are on the website! Or bring a note pad! Side conversations are disrespectful to the board, the chapter, the advisors, and to whomever is speaking. 

Board members put A LOT of work into planning our meetings. Please be respectful and stop talking when we ask. We're a big chapter, so just try to resist the urge to talk to your friends every 5 seconds

Mother/Daughter Shabbat will be on Nov. 30!
If you want to help Abby Finkle plan and be on the committee, call/text her at 847.767.0882

keep sending me fun stuff for the website at 

with undying love for owls, family, tyler, david bowie, gwen stefani, sweaters, candles, chili, sushi, my job, anthropologie, pinterest, Deborah Harry, me and tyler's halloween costume this year and every one of you, i remain

Emma Jane Schneider 

**shout out to godol of CRW, Sagee Moyal

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