Oct 16, 2012

weekly announcements

Hey Everyone!
hope you guys all had great weekends :)

There is a meeting this Wednesday at 7:00
we are hosting beau elections, and then having an awesome 21st birthday party for Ahavah!

Cell phones and side conversations have become a huge issue during business meetings.
Apparently, whatever we say hasn't been registering in to your heads. So maybe this will- 
to raise $ for our stand up cause, we will have a "swear jar" styled tzedaka (sp?) box. If we catch you with your phones or having side conversations that aren't just a quick comment, you will have to donate money into the jar. Our business meetings are supposed to be taken seriously in a positive environment where we actually listen to what everyone has to say. I know some of you like to put events into calendars, but all the events are on the website! Or bring a note pad! Side conversations are disrespectful to the board, the chapter, the advisors, and to whomever is speaking. 

Body image and awareness night is coming up!
If you would like to help plan it, text Jayne. The first meeting will be this Sunday.

Teen Connect Event
The teen connect event will be this Saturday at 5 @ Mallory Sherwood's house
2502 Lincoln Ave, Long Grove
The event costs $5!!
for more info, text abbie brenner @ 847.736.3774

Remember to Vote for our Stand Up Cause!

with undying love for owls, tyler, family, anthropologie, my new wallet, sweaters, my puppy, david bowie, my courtney love halloween costume, ricky martin lipgloss, chai tea ice cream, and all of you, i remain

emma jane schneider

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