Nov 4, 2012


Hi Ahavah :)

there is a meeting this week at 7 at the JCC
half program all about creating programs
half good & welfare
hope you can make it!

Mo-do sha-bo (mother daughter shabbat) is Nov 30th. More details to come, but if you're interested in helping plan it, please contact Abby Finkle at 847-767-0882

Keep in mind those on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy A couple great ways to contribute would be through the JUF, for the money to directly aid both Jewish and nonjewish victims and also, help BBYOers in the area through to help families in financial hardship to afford conventions. I know money is hard to come by but I would encourage you and your families to do what you can to help out

body image awareness night/ sisterhood sleepover
rudi baruch's house, 612 hackleberry ct. BG
november 17 at 7:00
facebook event coming soon!

the last day to register for yltc and kallah is monday november 5th!
the convention is at Camp Henry Horner from nov. 9-11.
Bus information will be sent out by the regional staff this week.
Get excited!

keep selling lox boxes due no later than december 5th
the sleepover is on dec 15th-16th!

If you want your voice heard in the chapter, and you're not on board, check this out!
today I made 2 new email addresses for your use! 
if you have a suggestion for the board or one specific position, log into 
PW: blackandteal
type out your suggestion, and send to 
you don't have to sign your name- it's COMPLETELY anonymous. 
**** if someone decides to not use this with its original intent, to make helpful suggestions for the chapter, it will be deleted. By "not used for original intent" I mean bullying, insulting, or harassing any board members. I highly doubt this will become an issue, but thats what we said about formspring! please use this thoughtfully. 

If you have something on your mind that you feel uncomfortable discussing with a board member, you can to send a suggestion or concern to 

with undying love for 
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