Nov 27, 2012

weekly announcements

HEY LADIES!(click it and listen while you read the email, it'll make it more fun)
Lots of announcements to start off the week back from Thanksgiving Break! 

There is a meeting this Wednesday at 7:00 at the JCC
We will have a really cool kravmaga program, and you will learn israili self defense!

Dec packets will be released this Wednesday! If you want to run for mazkirah, I will be happy to answer any questions you have, take you out for coffee, and talk to you about whatever :)

Remember: you really really truly aren't allowed to tell your friends what you want to run for. That's very against the rules, and you could lose your election privileges.
Please take that seriously!

The invite theme is
***tribal pride****
Jayne made some wonderful google docs (link on facebook page) if you'd like to sign up to be a group leader!
Remember, tribal pride doesn't mean one specific thing. We can interpret it however we'd like! So don't limit yourselves! This will be a great year :)

Sign up for Mo-Do-Sha-Bo!
It's Nov. 30th, 7:00-9:00 at the Buffalo Grove JCYS (not the jcc). 
Sign up on B-linked it just takes like 1 minute to sign up and then if you could bring in your money ($10 per person) to the meeting on Nov. 28th. If you have any questions, contact Abby at 847-767-0882.

Check out our stand up cause, Misericordia!!

If you're interested in being a part of making the memories of Ahavah last forever, contact Pamela to be on the Yearbook/newspaper committee!
Fb message, or text at 847.951.1308

lox box is dec. 15-16th, order forms are due dec. 5! keep selling!
I'm at #28, TRY TO BEAT ME!!!! ;)

If you want your voice heard in the chapter, and you're not on board, check this out!
check out these two new email addresses for your use! 
if you have a suggestion for the board or one specific position, log into 
PW: blackandteal
type out your suggestion, and send to 
you don't have to sign your name- it's COMPLETELY anonymous. 
**** if someone decides to not use this with its original intent, to make helpful suggestions for the chapter, it will be deleted. By "not used for original intent" I mean bullying, insulting, or harassing any board members. I highly doubt this will become an issue, but thats what we said about formspring! please use this thoughtfully. 

If you have something on your mind that you feel uncomfortable discussing with a board member, you can to send a suggestion or concern to 

with undying love for tyler, family, gracie (and her tiny beret), my baby cousins, david bowie, gwen stefani, volcano candles, lava lamps, roller skating, kewpie dolls, owls (duh), black friday deals at jcrew, and at aerie, hell yeah!, and local coffee shops and craft fairs

i remain, emma jane schneider

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