Nov 18, 2012

weekly announcements

Hey beautiful lil peeps!
Right now I'm in a good mood because of this funky song- enjoy! 

This week there is NO MEETING!!!! 
whats happening this week? scroll down to find out.... ;)


that's right, ill miss you guys, but i hope you all have great times with your families. If you're interested, check out the Turkey Dance event on facebook!

If you're interested in being a part of making the memories of Ahavah last forever, contact Pamela to be on the Yearbook/newspaper committee!
Fb message, or text at 847.951.1308

lox box is dec. 15-16th, order forms are due dec. 5! keep selling!
I'm at #28, TRY TO BEAT ME!!!! ;)

Thanks again for coming last night, I was glad i got to see everyone!

with undying love for tyler, owls, family, lake shore drive, humidifiers/kleenex, gwen stefani, david bowie, yoga pants, buying gifts for underprivileged families (but not at walmart. that place makes me tense), my schnauzer, friends, perfume (but not too much!) janis joplin, ELO, my bangs, and all of you, i remain

Emma Jane Schneider (0v0)

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