Feb 21, 2012

BBYO Summer Experiences

IMPACT-offered in Chicago, D.C., Boston, and Israel. 
Plan and do unique community service and philanthropy for 2 weeks in the city of your choice! (3 weeks for Israel) Live, learn, and explore exciting cities and college campuses in the US and Israel. I have heard from my BBYO friends from around the world that they had the time of their lives on Impact. For more information, go to bbyo.org/impact(insertcityhere)

PASSPORT-offers trips to Bulgaria, Central Europe, Western Europe (if you have any questions, please ask me, stacy heller, or alissa borowsky), Spain, Costa Rica, Italy, Israel, South Africa, and the West Coast. Also, March of the Living. There is honestly no better way to make lifelong friendships, and memories that you will never forget (I know it sounds cheesy, but its totally true). This is an opportunity that you shouldn't pass up. Its so great to go on a vacation with your friends. There are hundreds of scholarships out there as well!!   check out the lovely promo :) (at 1:38 and 2:15 you can see me) :) 

CLTC-Chapter leadership training conference is the starting point for AZA and BBG leaders. At CLTC, teens grow personally, explore their jewish identity, and learn specific skills to help them strengthen their chapters at home. I HIGHLY recommend this for newer members. Its such a treat to meet everyone from around the world who are in chapters just like Ahavah. and its only 2 weeks! If you're interested, go to bbyo.org/cltc

ILTC- International Leadership Training Conference allows teens to learn the skills that a regional/council leader need in order to affect change within their regions!

Kallah- Explore your jewish identity at kallah!! not convinced? My IC roommate would not stop talking about how much she loved it. Any more questions, and for more information, go to bbyo.org/kallah 

ILSI- Participants will interact with Israel's emerging leaders, and learn about Zionism, and the future of Israel! College credits are available! (sorry i don't know much about these) 
to find out more, go to bbyo.org/ilsi


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