Feb 10, 2012

MINUTES: Feb 8th

Date: February 8, 2012 
Location: Buffalo Grove JCC 
Starting Time: 7:15  
Officer in charge of meeting: Beth Brownfield 
Minutes taken by: Abbie Brenner

    A. Shomerit Ha'brit: Mallory 
Her words of wisdom: don't let the world define who you are, let yourself 
define the world 
    B. Menorah Pledge: 
 Citizenship: bri Cole 
Jewish Heritage: Emily Kopka 
Community Service: Mallory Sherwood 
Philanthropy: Alyssa Wexler 
Inter-Faith Relations:Bekka Hamburg 
Tradition: Molly Granoff 
Good Sisterhood: Gabrielle Marzouk 
Prayer for World Jewry: Lindsey Rabinowitz
    C. Singing of the Hatikvah
-Motion to move into roll call

Question: what is your favorite physical feature about yourself? 
Officer Present Voting 
Gizborit 1 
Sh'licha 1 
Katvanit 1 
Mazkirah 1 
MIT Mom 1 
S'ganit 1 
N'siah 1 
Total Present: 31 
Total Voting: 31 
Total Possible Votes: 31 
Motion to move into Officer Reports: Sammi 
Call: yes 
Dissent? Alyssa Wexler: please don't do the hipster hands, it means vaj*yj*y in sign language

Auto: Pamela-invite 
Pro: eve- beat korzcak 
Con: Amanda- small mishap and rumors 
Pro: Ariel- kicking entertainment and we were all together

Motion to move into New Business: Becky 
Second: Eve 
Call: yes 
Dissent? No

Gizborit: taste of bbyo, we are ireland! 
Katvanit: personals, 
Mazkirah: personals, website, top tens 
Sh'licha: stand up tumblr, today is tubishvat (new year of the trees) 
MIT Mom: big sis little sis stuff 
S'ganit: MBA event. Possible hosts: Lauren Baker 
N'siah: tomorrow is gmr clothing day 
-Motion to move into new business

 New business- Emma won elmo, because she's super hipster.

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