Feb 12, 2012

Weekly Announcements!

Dia duit Ahavah!!!
I hope you all had a great Turnabout and a great weekend!

a few announcements for this week- 

-There is a meeting at the JCC @ 7:00
**our lovely MIT momma has planned an awesome reeducation program
**we had a great turnout last week with dressing up in theme :) see how fun it it? This week's theme is MUSIC! so watch the Grammy's tonight and get inspired! 

-Ari Marban's 17th birthday is tomorrow!!!
**happy birthday <3

-Our MBA Spa night still needs a host!!
**We should all be excited for the Ahavah spa night, focusing on our mind, our body, and our attitude. 
**However, we have no where to have it! If you are interested, please contact Leah! (contact info found on the contact us! tab of the website)
**It is on Feb. 18th 

Feb 19th-20th- BBYO connect 4th annual ski trip
** to Cascade Mt. Wisconsin, open to all Jewish 6th-12th graders, costs $175
**if you're interested, please contact Samantha at sisenstein@bbyo.org or 224.406.9261

Though this is in the future, I need to get y'all sta (excited)!!!
Im sure you're all wondering why some of this email is in Irish. Its beccauuuuseeee....
The Taste of BBYO is coming up on March 18th at the Northbrook JCC
**Everyone will get the opportunity to get a 'taste' of what BBYO is like all over the world while eating awesome worldly foods.
**Ahavah will be representing the country IRELAND, and everyone can help out!
**We need people to help come up with recipes, cook, decorate our table, and find out stuff about BBYO in ireland. If you're interested let Jennifer know! (contact info in website)

For all the quirky girls in the chapter:

With undying love for:
Valentines day, Whitney Houston, owls, odyssey, tyler, and all of you,
i remain emma jane schneider (:

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