Sep 10, 2012

Voice Your Vote!

If you are as political as I am, I STRONGLY encourage you to check this out. BBYO international events are personally my favorite thing ever. 
As Jewish teens, we have the responsibility to uphold obligations to our community and country. At Voice Your Vote, we will learn about both sides of the 2012 election so that we can make educated decisions and advocate for what you believe in. We will have the opportunity to volunteer on both sides of the campaign and learn how we can stay civically engaged well after the election. Register on B-Linked!

So basically this is a 3 day long international event. It will be Nov. 5-7 (you get to miss school) in Cleveland Ohio! Not only is it educational, but it's a total fiesta. I HIGHLY recommend it. 


Im all registered :) WHOS NEXT!?

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