Sep 9, 2012

Weekly Announcements :)

Happy Sunday :)
I hope you all had fantastic fall weekends. 

There is a business meeting this Wednesday at the JCC at 7:00!
Whoever carpools gets candy from me :D
The theme this week is fall TV shows! Dress as your fave character! 
(Dibs on Jess from New Girl!) 

Voice your Vote!
if any of you love politics as much as I do,
 you should really look into this once in a lifetime international event!
ANYONE in BBYO can go :)
For more info, check out the post that will be on the website tonight :) 

I can't wait to see you all at kickoff tonight :)
with undying love for owls, Tyler, Michelle Obama, David Bowie,  Barack Obama, my fam, old barns, Prince, Blondie, Holly Golightly, Jack White, The Inbetweeners, Chicago, Lincoln Park, being your Mazkirah, and Ahavah BBG 2414, I remain
Emma Jane Schneider

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