Sep 24, 2012

Weekly announcements

Hey Ahavah!
There’s a lot of fun stuff coming up somake sure you read through everything!

There is no meeting this Wednesdaydue to Yom Kippur, so enjoy breakingthe fast with your families!

IC2012- Washington DC
Registration for BBYO international convention starts on OCTOBER 4thFor you new members, IC will seriously be one of the highlights of your year if you chose to go. (IC this year will be feb.13-18)
You will meet AZAs and BBGs from around the world! Last year in Atlanta, around 1100 people from BBYO were there. If you go to any international event, this is it. Non-stop fiesta.
More info will be rolling in, as it gets closer.

Ostrich Chair 
Do you want to get more involved in the Region? Are you creative and good with technology?  Apply to work alongside your Regional Mazkirim in remaking GMR's website, The Ostrich!  Click here to view the application!

Oct. 7th- BBGG with Wisconsin Region!
On Sunday, October 7th, we'll be heading to Gurnee, IL, to engage in athletic programming with Wisconsin Region BBYO! Save the date, details to come soon.

Nov. 9-11 YLTC/Kallah- Save the date for these 2 wonderful conventions! You’ll hear all about them at the meeting

Nov 17- sisterhood sleepover
Abbie Brenner needs your help planning! Send her a fb message if you’re interested

Oct 10- parents night!
All parents are invited; have them jot this down on their calendars.
Text jayne at 847.571.0382 to find out more about being inter-chapter programing chair!

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